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Going through life is one thing... surviving it is another!


We all experience different events, and this is why there are only certain things that we can all relate to.

When life hit me the hardest, I found myself listening to people sharing their stories online and that's how I became aware of what I was experiencing. Having the physical element would have made it even more powerful and that's why with my physical presence, I will share the dark facts of what different forms of abuse involves, the aftershocks it leaves behind and what type of help / support is needed.

I will also share what I have learned about finding pure happiness.


My workshops are based on real life experiences of my own and for that reason, no questions will be off limits!

I deliver workshops to young people (12 - 25) and professionals in the following areas:


Domestic Abuse / Violence

Emotional Abuse


Mental Health / Emotional Well-being


Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Witchcraft Abuse

By participating in my workshop, you and your audience will understand how to help yourselves and others.

Please Note: Delivering my workshops to young people may cause triggers from the sensitive subjects that I will be discussing. For this reason, I would ask that a safeguarding officer is present throughout.