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Listening to someone speak is an experience which you can never forget, especially when they have taken you on a journey with just their words!

The beauty of communication is that you learn so much which can help you in more ways than one.


​How would you like to experience a very unique journey where you and your audience will be taken to the theatre with just my words?

Whether it's in front of teachers / students (12 - 25), in a conference / seminar, within a work / business environment or even at a luncheon, my actions and words will leave you and your audience inspired and empowered!


I give talks in the following areas:

Body Image


Child Development


Discrimination / Stigma

Domestic Abuse / Violence

Emotional Abuse



Finding Happiness / Life Purpose

Mental Health / Emotional Well-being


Physical Abuse

Porn Addiction





Sexual Abuse


Witchcraft Abuse

My signature talk The 10 Second Decision is like no other because it will give you the power needed to make a single decision that will change your entire life forever!

Please Note: Speaking in front of young people may cause triggers from the sensitive subjects that I will be discussing.

For this reason, I would ask that a safeguarding officer is present throughout.