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My goal is to help you understand and show you who you truly are, what makes you unique in this world 'YOUR STORY' and why you feel so strongly about walking on a certain path in your life 'YOUR WHY'.

We are all born for a reason and we all have a story to tell. Do you know yours?

We all experience various life events and we reach a point where we question how we can create a better new. Do you know how?

Eventually, we become empowered by something bigger than our pain and this leads us to creating change in order to live the life that we were born to live. Do you know your WHY?

I have lived through and survived 20 years of abuse. I was never confident, out spoken, aware of who I was or even what I wanted. I was deeply lost and didn't even feel alive. My life was a total mess and completely out of balance which didn't bring me any happiness at all.

For several years on my path to recovery and developing myself both personally / professionally in order to fall in love with the person that I am today, I have answered all the questions I have asked you / will ask you and I will show you how you can answer them too!

I also created my own quote that I live by every single day.

I am not a victim, I am a witness, so it is my duty to give a testimony in order to eventually heal lives and stop abuse." - Shikesh Sorathia

Guess what? I will show you how to create your own too, so your new beginning will feel and be even more special!

Creating a new life is all about reshaping the mind in thinking differently as that's the only way you will achieve what you have always wanted.

You will have to step outside of your comfort zone and do things that you never thought you would.

You will even have to make sacrifices and keep going no matter how unstable the road may get.

What will make your journey even more worthwhile is knowing that you won't be climbing the mountain alone because I will be guiding you and cheering you on all the way to the end!

Are you ready to Tell Your Story and Live Your Why?